Our Vision



Science contributes to the solution of problems we face as a society and promotes personal values (e.g., integrity, humility, sincerity, etc...) and fulfillment. Yet not all gifted students have the means or facilities to learn about science.  One of the priorities of the  HP Brain Academy is to make neuroscience approachable and available to more students, with an emphasis on students in high school.




The HP Brain Academy is a non-profit initiative at the University of Chicago, which offers a unique learning opportunity in social neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience and high performance (super) computing. 


The HP Brain Academy provides the selected students with the opportunity to choose a research discipline and to learn from a mentor researcher who is a leader in their field and member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience Center (CCSN). 

Each carefully selected mentor will guide one high-school student (the mentee) through one academic research project from an experimenter view, rather than from a participant view. 



In addition to the exposure to deep scientific values under the tutelage of a faculty or student mentor, the HP Brain Academy mentees will be exposed to University life and will have the opportunity to network with equally ambitious and curious peers.



The six-week summer program of the HP Brain Academy aims to accept high-achieving high school minority students from South Chicago, with the goal of expanding the program beyond the borders of Chicago. 


The interaction among students from different backgrounds aims to offer a unique and rich intellectual environment for the students to come together as a united team of young scientists. 



After the summer sessions, the HP Brain Academy seeks to partner with schools to provide a unique one-year follow-up and assist the student in integrating the scientific knowledge learned during a HP Brain Academy Summer program into their academic studies.